Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FRPO Report Urges Modernization of Ontario's Flawed Rent Dispute Process

Today FRPO, the Federation of Rental Property Owners of Ontario, announced a powerful initiative to point out the flaws in Ontario's broken rent arrears eviction system.  FRPO will be presenting the report to the Ministry, but urges all landlords, large and small alike, to contact their MPP's and local media and distribute the materials.

I applaud FRPO on this well-researched report.  Reading it, one wonders how we ever got to the ludicrous state we are in today with our manifestly unfair rental housing laws in Ontario.

I've attached a link to the one-page bulletin here:

FRPO Bulletin on the rent dispute and eviction process

and to the report itself, here.

FRPO report on the rent dispute and eviction process

Please download it, print it out, distribute it via email, on your forums, on your blogs, via Twitter.  Contact your own MPP, and ask for a meeting.  Provide a copy of the report to them prior to the meeting and tell them you would like to discuss the content.  Demand change NOW!

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